I’ve always been drawn into service with non-profits, community action and public service. Working with honest, hard-working and dedicated people has always inspired me to my best work, coast to coast.

From Florida to Colorado, a 30+ year career as an administrator and executive in academic and non-profit settings provided a natural springboard into small business innovation and public service. In 2007 I founded With Substance, Inc. – a web management and consulting firm that offers professional writing, editorial, layout design, public relations and media development.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve become skilled at accomplishing a great deal with limited resources, while gaining a unique insight into the needs of small business. At the same time, I hold fast to the notion that being pro-business for all business means creating balance between investing in job growth and the needs of citizens doing the day-to-day work of running a household. Large or small, the combined concerns of everyone “in the business” of residing in any community is what creates economic growth and a strong tax base.