Since the eighties, I’ve been driven to promoting the sport and athletes of racquetball – in equal parts of volunteer, charitable, hired, contracted and intellectual effort. It has been a consistent thread across decades of personal and professional achievement. Here’s a timeline and highlights:

1985-1990 Founding Board Member, Florida Racquetball Association; President 1987-88
1985-1986 Columnist, AARA Notes / Florida Racquet Journal
1986-2016 State, regional, national & international tournament director/staff member
1986-2002 IRF Press Officer, World Championships (1986, 1992, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002)
1987-1990 Editor, FRA News (developed first bimonthly newsprint publication)
1988 Editorial Coordinator, AARA in Review (8 pgs. monthly) / National Racquetball
1989 Board of Directors, American Amateur Racquetball Association (AARA)
1989-1995 USOC Press Officer, Olympic Festivals (1989-91, 1993-95)
1988 Recipient, John Halverson Contributor Award
1989 Media Coordinator, AARA National Office
1989-2004 Managing Editor, RACQUETBALL Magazine (produced 95 issues over 27 years)
1990-2004 Associate Executive Director / Communications, AARA/USRA/USAR
1993 Researched and curated all-time record books of national & international champions
1995, 1999 US Olympic Committee Press Officer, Pan American Games (Argentina, Winnipeg)
1995 Developed first AARA, USRA & RACQUETBALL Magazine websites
1996 Developed first IRF, PARC, LPRA websites
1996 Conceived US OPEN student press corps program; originated event “Daily News”
1996-2003 Director, Press Operations, US OPEN Racquetball Championships
1996-2017 Editor, US OPEN Souvenir Program; curated all-time record books, statistics
1997 Researched and facilitated implementation of first online results system (TMS)
2000-2017 Principal organizer, Racquet for the Cure Benefit Tournament (Denver)
2004-2017 Board of Directors, Colorado Racquetball Association (CRA)
2005-2006 Board of Directors, Women’s Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO)
2005-2007 Board of Directors, USA Racquetball
2009-2017 Editor, CRA Rollout; re-design for email/online delivery
2010-2017 Member, USAR Hall of Fame Committee; support archivist for multiple nominees
2012-2016 Editorial Consultant, RACQUETBALL Magazine; by contract, With Substance, Inc.
2015 ColoradoRacquetball.com responsive website re-design, web hosting donor
2017 National Masters Racquetball Association; website re-design, social media consultant

I am so proud that my primary contribution to the sport – that of being the Managing Editor of RACQUETBALL Magazine for 20+ years – stands alone as unequaled.  That singular effort re-established and produced the sport’s flagship publication from 1989-2004 and in 2013-2016, resulting in a personal body of work that boasts 95 editions of the premiere and longest-running magazine of its type. My tenure is twice that of fellow National Racquetball editor and USAR Hall of Famer Chuck Leve – for whom I was honored to write and emcee remarks to induct him in 1997.

In my role as Editor-in-Chief of RACQUETBALL, I did far more than simply oversee magazine production. My hands-on approach included editing all content, coordinating the efforts of writers and advertisers, securing and selecting all graphics and images, then personally designing the final page layouts of every issue. I managed every phase of the book’s marketing, from setting annual editorial calendars and planning specialty segments, to negotiating ad contracts and approving press runs. Through 2004, the magazine was produced bimonthly, generating six issues per year with a 72-page count, in full color. In that period, the skills, abilities, dedication, and talent offered saved the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in graphic design and production fees alone. In turn, the savings realized by those efficiencies freed up sizable budget resources to fund complementary promotional efforts for the sport and its governing body.

Hired full time and brought to the national office in 1990, I was the first and only woman to serve at the Associate Executive Director level where I provided marketing and creative direction far above and beyond the job title. Those skillsets further allowed the organization to develop and present a highly-polished brand over two decades at minimum cost.

In the mid-90s, I was driven to take on the self-study and professional development of Internet skills that were groundbreaking at the time. Embracing the “level playing field” of the medium, along with its unlimited potential, I sought to master the marketing opportunities of the web by working with member-professionals to shape and craft new ways to deliver information and further promote the sport online. I created the first AARA and IRF websites and populated them with the collective wealth of their historical archives, then quickly re-designed them and added a RACQUETBALL site to supplement the print magazine. Many other web properties were undertaken in the years that followed (LPRT, PARC, RFTC, CRA), and my impact upon the modern promotional era of the sport remains evident to this day.

AARA            American Amateur Racquetball Association
CRA                Colorado Racquetball Association
FRA                Florida Racquetball Association
IRF                  International Racquetball Federation
LPRT              Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour
LPRA              Ladies Professtional Racquetball Association
PARC             Pan American Racquetball Confederation
RFTC              Racquet for the Cure
USRA             United States Racquetball Association
USAR             United States of America Racquetball
WPRO            Women’s Professional Racquetball Organization