Creative Media

In my youth, I always aced the “spatial relations” section of standardized tests in school. It took me many years to understand the math (quantum physics, even!) of those skills, but it’s not lost on me now. I am compelled by design, form and function in every endeavor, without exception.  Nothing makes me happier than to see an idea form around connectivity, synergy, and a little harmonic convergence.

So what else is pictured in the header … ? Aside from mad page-layout skills, I’m also a costume designer and seamstress, a rubber-stamp enthusiast, a beader and calligrapher. I worked two summer stock seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and penned a series of guest columns for the Orlando Sentinel. There are multiple and diverse projects in my design portfolio, from business cards to billboards. I have almost fully recovered from an addiction to collecting stamps, beads, inks and nibs. Nearly. Recovered.

A few samples of that work can be found on Pinterest, and more uploads are planned.